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To resolve together with the sending companies your purchasing needs for individual materials in quantity and cost-effectiveness.

Insulating panels

Marcegaglia Buildtech

Company dedicated to steel products for the construction of the Marcegaglia group, a point of reference in the transformation of steel in Italy and abroad, specifically, to polyurethane panels, mineral wool and corrugated sheets for the construction of walls, roofs and floors with high thermal, acoustic and fire resistance, last but not least, panels for special applications such as cold rooms (fridge panels), sound-absorbing panels and insulating tile roof panels, all guaranteed by the controlled and certified production chain of Marcegaglia steel, which it starts from the processing of coils in various grades of steel to reach the galvanized and pre-painted product


Melathron srl

Italian company that produces innovative solutions in the sector of metal roofing and facade cladding with continuous self-draining joint systems or, with captivating aesthetics, the standing seam with the versatility of a simple sheet metal


Stabilit Suisse SA

Multinational group present worldwide, manufacturer of compact and honeycomb polycarbonate sheets and systems, for the creation of transparent, light, insulating walls and roofs, with high light transmission, impact resistant and with good fire behavior, for applications in architecture, industrial construction, urban furniture, agriculture, lighting, automotive, design and furnishing and DIY objects.



Light and air. Naturally: Three words that perfectly summarize the mission of the Basso company, a company that has managed to cross the boundaries of the simple system manufacturer, to present itself as a specialized consultant and therefore able to offer innovative solutions and services for the best management of light and natural air in closed environments.

Basso has been working in this direction for more than 40 years, studying, designing and producing specific ventilation and skylight systems for industrial and commercial buildings.

Tinsmitheries and coils


The project was founded in 2000 with the aim of creating a new point of reference for the sheet metal market.
With careful industrial and commercial organisation, we are able to satisfy all the needs of anyone operating in the sector. From the creation of the machines to the production, strictly made in Italy, of all the accessories.

Screws and bolts

Mustad spa

Italian company, leader in Europe in the production of quality screws, self-tapping, self-drilling, with Lubex anti-friction and Chromaiting salt spray treatments, resistant and ecological.

Fixings, screws and plugs

Tecfi spa

Production, marketing, fastening systems for roofing, windows, plasterboard, wood, bolts and renewable energy systems, reliable, cutting-edge, guaranteed and certified, internally and externally to the company.


Sial Safety

Skills and products that aim high, with their feet on the ground.

Sial Safety is technical consultancy, production capacity, device installation, certifications.
It works alongside companies in the field of safety at height, safety in confined environments and anti-seismic adaptation.

Support systems


Patented support system without drilling for photovoltaic systems, anti-fall, over metal roofs.


Fall protection nets

Pasini srl has been operating in the wire rod derivatives, nets and fences sector for over fifty years.
The continuous research and development of products that increasingly respond to market demands has led to the expansion of the company's commercial proposal to various sectors: Construction, GEO, Fastening, Safety, Highway and Pose.
Each sector is entrusted to the expertise of expert professionals in the specific field, animated by the desire to make Pasini srl a dynamic and concrete reality, a serious partner with which to plan the future.

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